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Dedicated to the Heros of Flight 93
And to the couragous Fire Fighters and responders who died
trying to save others.
and to the nearly 3,000 innocent victims who were murdered on
September 11, 2001

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Flight 93 memorial live webcam

- - - 9/11/2011 - - -

Unfortunately, I was unable to come up with an interesting 9/11 tenth anniversary
themed ride.....go figure! Here in the Peoples Republic of Oregon of all places.

Rode out to Mount Hood but the smoke was so thick from all of the area's forest fires
that I didn't get to take a single picture. It was a nice ride though.... although it
got up to 99 degrees by the time I got home. Still... one more warm day forecast for
tomorrow and then it's back to the low 70's. And then of course Winter will be right
around the corner.

I'll save this page for next year and hopefully there will be an interesting ride
to add here then.

- - - 9/11/2012 - - -

Ditto this year. The Cascade run turned out to have a major confrontation between
the Mongols and the Hells Angels. Who wants to get caught in the crossfire over
one of their turf wars?. Didn't effect us one way or another since we climbed
Mount St. Helens that Saturday. Once again, the Peoples Republic of Oregon more
or less ignored 911 in favor of the more popular (to the Portland Whack Jobs)
nitwit bicycle/running/protesting/chanting activities that they seem to love here.

- - - 9/11/2013 - - -

Ditto again this year including another cancelled Cascade Run and another Mount
St Helens climb.

Head for the Coast on what is likely the
last decent weekend of 2015

Stops at Cannon Beach
Lunch at Ecola Park
and a stop in Garibaldi, Oregon
September 11, 2015

Visit the salmon at the Bonneville Hatchery
September 11, 2016

- - - 9/11/2017 - - -

Nothing this year :(

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