Rarely driven, near perfect condition 1996 Corvette LT-4 coupe
Rare Rose Festival Queen Parade Style, Competition Yellow LT-4 Corvette
Portland, Oregon

Want to own it? Make me an offer!

Custom built in December, 1995. 1996 model year 5.7L LT-4 (last and only year made)
Competition yellow, 335 HP motor, positraction rear end, electronic air conditioning
Original sticker price ~ $43,000

A grand total of only 6,359 LT-4s (including the CE and GS) were ever built.
And only 488 Competition yellow LT-4s (and only 103 6-speeds with black leather
interiors) like this one were manufactured... and that number gets smaller every year
15,000 original miles. One owner. 100% factory stock.
Has almost every option available, factory installed
including the real moo cow leather electric six-way power seating upgrade
and the suspension upgrade (both of these are very rare to find)
Non-Collector edition LT-4 coupes with so few miles are very rare indeed.
Also a Delco/Bose CD/Cassette player, stock alloy wheels have zero curb rash

6 speed transmission (it's a rocket)
Most Corvettes out there are automatics, as you probably know

Never been in an accident. Sunny day car always garaged
Two tops. Competition yellow (same as the car) and smoked glass
This car was built especially for me as part of an order for the Penske Racing Team
V-E-R-Y FAST!!!!

The value of these Corvettes goes up every year, not down.

If you're interested in buying this car, make me a compelling offer!
But be advised that I am not at all interested in entertaining low-ball offers from
Dealers looking to buy cheap and then resell at a huge profit.

The price I've listed this car for was lower than most of the equivalent LT-4's I'd seen
advertised. But I wasn't able to find a serious buyer, who could actually afford this car
and who was willing to pay a fair price for it. So... it sits in my garage
increasing in value ever year.

When the economy recovers, (or even if it doesn't) the value and prices on these
Corvettes will continue to go up. The prices in the Kelly Blue Book are pretty
much irrelevant here.... rare Corvettes are not a commodity item like most cars.
The real value is the amount that someone who has one is willing to sell it for.
Meanwhile, until someone comes along who's willing to pay my asking price, I'll
continue to enjoy driving this car :)

I still have the factory window sticker!

I change the oil with AMSOIL 5w-30 25,000 mile Signature series full synthetic (their best)
and a new AMSOIL oil filter every couple of years even though I rarely drive this car.
There is rarely more than a couple of hundred new miles on this car each time I change the oil

Contact info is below
NOTE: You will need to have java enabled to view it.

Oil changed recently using SAE 5W-30 Signature Series 100% Synthetic Motor Oil (ASLQT)

And the best oil filter on the planet: 25,000-Mile Ea Oil Filter (EAO23)

Taken 3/17/15

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Buyer's notes: Having a rare Corvette for sale seems to really bring out the flakes, phoneys and idiots, it seems. I hope you don't take offense at the following but self-preservation demands some clarity on how much disrespectful behavior I am willing to put up with.

I am selling a classic Corvette that is exactly as I represent it to be here. My integrity is not for sale at any price and if it were, I would not begin my life of dishonesty trying to cheat someone out of a measly few thousand bucks. I'm looking for an similarly honest and sincere buyer who would love to own this car and can afford to do so. This seems to me to be a very simple paradigm. If you're seriously interested in buying a classic Corvette and can afford to do so, I'll be happy to hear from you. But if you're just interested in jacking people around and wasting their time, please do so with someone else.

So here are a few items which ought to be obvious to people with at least moderate intelligence. This list is a partial list of the actual excuses I've been given for not buying, *AFTER* they have enjoyed taking my car for a free "test drive". And *NOT ONE* of these dipzoids even put gas in my car even though one game playing couple was gone so long I thought I was going to have to file a stolen car report:

The Corvette is a sports car. It handles like a sports car and it is difficult to get in and out of like a sports car. Corvettes have only two seats and no trunk. If you've never actually driven a Corvette (RECENTLY), please go to a Chevrolet dealership, test drive one and otherwise waste their time and not mine. And while you're there, have a look at the MSRP which will be substantially higher than my asking price. You can't even buy a basic, stripped down 4-cylinder, new Chevvy Impala for what I'm asking for my classic, very low mileage Corvette LT-4!

If you have a medical issue (e.g. hip replacement) that prevents you from driving a car with manual transmission or are not licensed to drive a manual transmission car, please waste someone else's time, not mine.

As you can see, this car is bright yellow in color. And all LT-4's are manual transmission 6-speeds. If you have your heart set on a different color and/or don't know how to drive a stick shift, please waste someone else's time and not mine.

The listed price is the price that I am willing to sell this car for. If you think my asking price is too high, you are entitled to your opinion. But your opinion has no bearing whatever on the amount I am willing to sell this car for. In addition, if you do not have sufficient cash in hand to pay the asking price for this car, please waste someone else's time, not mine.

There is no kind way to say this: if you have to finance the entire asking price in order to buy this car, you simply cannot afford a Corvette.

If your State has a sales or other tax/fee/whatever that will effect the total acquisition cost for buying this car, please factor that in as noted above. In summary, if you can not afford to buy a Corvette, please waste someone else's time, not mine.

I am not going to ship this car anywhere. I am only interested in a face-to-face transaction. If you aren't willing to come to Portland to look at, drive and purchase this car, please waste someone else's time, not mine.

If you feel compelled to ask if the Corvette I had custom built for me in 1995 has any liens on it, you probably aren't intelligent enough to be driving a high performance car (with all due respect).

I am happy to show serious, financially qualified prospects this car and answer any reasonable questions about it. I don't necessarily expect that you will have a pocket full of cash with you on your first visit to see this car, although that would certainly enhance your bargaining position if you did. However: please understand that starting this car for two minutes just because someone wants to "hear it run" is not good for the car and it is more than a little annoying to me. If you have cash in hand and are ready to buy today, then of course I will be happy to let you "hear it run". But if you are just out kicking tires, you'll have to take my word for it that this car sounds and runs like a 1996 Corvette with 15,000 miles on it. Many time wasting lookie-loos have previously confirmed that this car runs great. Nuff said

There are apparently quite a few people out there who's idea of fun is to get out of the trailer on a sunny weekend and "test drive" expensive, luxury sports cars that they have absolutely no intention of buying. And in most cases, can ill-afford to buy. So if you're just looking to take a free joy ride, please waste someone else's time, not mine. Here's how it will go:

If you don't put my full asking price, in cash, in my hands, forget about driving this car anywhere. And to make sure that you have some skin in the game and to protect myself should this car disappear or become damaged, you will need to obtain insurance for this car from your insurance company using it's VIN number which I will provide. If you're serious about buying this car, this requirement will not be an issue for you since you will need to insure it before you can drive it home anyway. But having to provide proof of insurance will be a major pain for people who are just screwing around so it's a self-correcting problem.

This car has a "vanity plate" (my Amateur Radio call sign) which will stay with me. This means you'll need to get a temporary permit or trailer it out of here if you buy it. While this car runs fine as far as I know, it's been sitting in the garage for a long time and is only driven once every two years, to get a DEQ test and to be detailed. You'll want to have it gone over by your mechanic before taking any long trips. The battery is always on a tender and I run Stabil and AMSOIL Performance Improver in the gas but still.... best to have it checked out before going too far.

As noted above, this, like all private used car sales, is an "as-is" sale. There are no problems with this car that I am aware of, except as noted (possible issues relating to a vehicle spending the past many years sitting in a garage on trickle charge).

The mandatory lifter recall was performed when this car was still quite new. 1996 Corvettes are known to have issues with the original water pump needing to be replaced. This Corvette still has the original water pump so it's either one of the good ones or it will need to be replaced at some point.

This model has the so-called "one to four" lockout which I personally find to be annoying. But I wanted to keep this car 100% stock so I did not have it disabled. There is also a third party fuel injector mapping mod that causes a *MAJOR* improvement in engine performance that I also did not do for the same reason.

Finally, as I said, I apologize in advance if any of the above insults or offends you. But dealing with idiots and dishonest people has forced me to establish some boundaries. If you're a serious buyer, hopefully we can work something out. but if you are just some clown with no money and too much time on your hands, please waste someone else's time, not mine.

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