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The Original Easyrider®
In Search of truly excellent pizza
In the Pacific Northwest

So how does a pizza place make it to The Original Easyrider excellent pizza

I consider the Pizza Hut Super Supreme thick crust pizza to be the
baseline for making the list. We don't care about weird ingredients,
"hip" environments or weirdo, whack job and/or yuppie scum flash-in-the pan

We look for fresh, tasty ingredients and toppings (in abundance) and a
reasonable price although price is a lesser concern. We always order the
meat lovers pizza (or equivalent), thick crust (if available). A really good
pizza for under $25 will probably make the list. A mediocre pizza will not.
Large pizzas priced over $25 (including tax) need to be EXCEPTIONALLY good
to make our list.

Very good

Sharons Pizza, Cathlamet, WA

Very good

Cruisers Pizza, Packwood WA

Very good

Pizza Harbor, Seaside, OR

Want to pay WAAAAAAY too much money for a totally mediocre pizza?
Then The Lone Fir Cafe, Cougar, Washington is for you!
And it's a shame because they used to serve an amazing pizza. But, the
owners sold the place to idiots who have totally trashed the business.

A not very good, overpriced pizza at Pizza Express, Elbe, Washington


Round Table: Unremarkable, truly average, $20 pizzas that you can get
at most any pizza joint. The toppings are sparse and the quality of the
toppings is mediocre at best. If you're starving and nothing better is
close by, it's better than nothing. Otherwise, you can do a lot better.

Pizza Shmizza: The quality of their pizzas varies wildly from day to day
even at the same store location. Toppings are consistently abundant but
your pizza could, and likely will be VERY (extremely) greasy. Pizza
Schmizza is one of the better (albeit high priced) chains out there,

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